We had a gorgeous day here in Tampa and got out on the bikes for a 10 mile ride over to Davis Islands. We stay well away from people and found a bench to sit for a bit. The sky looked threatening at one point but it never rained.

We had a beautiful view of the water and marina from our bench.

Seriously, isn’t this a wonderful way to spend the afternoon?!

I like to keep my phone in my pocket and pull it out to snap photos when I’m riding … being careful not to run anyone over or fall off of course! I have LOTS of photos of Keith riding in front of me from our bike rides.

4 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. It is so funny for me to see Keith in his t-shirt and shorts while I have two layers of long underwear on under my fleece vest and neck and ankle warmers that I have to wear IN THE HOUSE! I will be so glad when winter is over!


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