I always have questions when I show a project that I’ve used Dwirling on. It’s a freehand quilting design from the Pajama Quilter DVD – I quilt a very swirly version of it. Unfortunately, Dawn’s two DVDs are no longer available but if you ever come across them for sale, I highly recommend them. I tend to stick with a few favorites but after viewing the trailers on the website, I need to pull my second one out and watch it again. There are a few designs I haven’t quilted in a while that I really liked doing. Dawn has such an easy going teaching style and gives you permission to relax and have fun! The designs don’t have to be perfect, in fact I think that their lack of perfection is part of what makes them look so good.

I quilted my swirly version of Dwirling on Chris’ camouflage bedspread the other day but rather than showing you the front again where the quilting blends in, here’s a photo of the back.

I quilt this from edge to edge one line at a time. Starting with a wavy line moving from left to right. I come back across the quilt from right to left adding in swirls. From there I alternate wavy lines following the curve of the previous lines, with lines of swirls, offsetting the placement off my swirls. I continue all the way to the bottom of the quilt.

My iPad allows me to record what’s on my screen so I opened up my whiteboard app and drew the pattern out. You can view the video by clicking on the photo below.

I’ve linked to the pages where Dawn has trailers for both videos – go watch them!

The Pajama Quilter DVD – Reloaded by Dawn Ramirez

The Pajama Quilter DVD – Rethreaded by Dawn Ramirez

Thanks to Dawn for giving me permission to share this post. She’s a friend I met through blogging, a member of my HeartStrings group, and such a generous person!


  1. I am so intimidated with machine quilting. I have the Bernina 770 which has a stitch regulator but I just can’t bring myself to even practice, even though I want to try it. I will start with squiggly lines. This pattern doesn’t look to be that hard…hopefully!

  2. First impression was that it was difficult and way beyond my skills. The explanation of the process simplified it. The trailers make the creator, Dawn, even more loveable. I can see why you like her inspirational quilting patterns. Would love to see an online tutorial or re-release of DVDs.

  3. That little video was really helpful Mary, thank you for sharing how you do it. It looks great on your quilt! I love Dawn’s video’s and the workbooks that go with them. There are so many I’d like to learn but, I’m guessing I should keep practicing one or two at a time so I can get a little more proficient. I did a large Fern Ziggle on a dinosaur quilt and not only did it turn out cute, it was super fun to do!

  4. I second your comments on Dawn’s videos, Mary – best purchase I ever made and Dwirling is so forgiving – if you go off course – well, that’s were you were going, right? Every so much the easiest way to start to learn to do circles and curves and swirls. Great choice for a camouflage quilt too. I too reckon there is an audience for a re-release or a paid online tutorial – every quilting teacher seems to be doing it that way these days.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing your method! Your directions are very clear, and dwirling doesn’t look as complicated as it first appeared. I will definitely be giving dwirling a try. Thank you again!

  6. I bought a copy off eBay when you mentioned her name a few years ago. I’m not very good at doing free hand work but I have a few tried and true that work for my smaller quilts. I liked your example and it does look easy, I think I’ll try that sometime. Thanks for showing us how to do it.

  7. I love Dawn’s first video. I know I have the book too, but I don’t think I got the second video. I recommended her video and book for years when I was teaching free motion quilting class. Dwirling is one of my favorite ways to quilt, although I haven’t done it in years.

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