Outdoor Cams – part 2

Funny but I never really know what people are going to find interesting. I’ve gotten questions about the outdoor cameras so I thought I’d post the link to them here. Chris just set them up yesterday so I can only give you the benefit of my first 24 hours!

I purchased two Blink Camera kits from Amazon. You can add multiple cameras but there’s a hub and I was afraid that I wouldn’t get good coverage if I tried to run both front and back cameras off the same one. That’s not based on any fact … just that I wanted the best possible signal. There are definitely other camera options out there but I had several recommendations from other Big Canoe residents that were using these for recording wildlife. I put 2 cameras in the front and 3 cameras in the back.

The back cameras seem to be working well and we even caught our first wildlife on camera 😆. They have an infrared feature so they’re supposed to capture video at night too triggered by motion but you can check the “live” view at any time too.

The front cameras may need some adjusting. The Driveway one works well during the day as seen below, but we do not get a good image with the infrared at night so I think that one needs to be moved. The Office camera angle probably needs adjusting too. There’s a little reflection off the ground and it does detect the cars going by – I’m kind of nosy and it’s a dead end street with just 3 houses past us so unless it wears the battery down I’m not going to worry about that. The driveway camera caught this little cutie today!


  1. My husband has set up a trail camera to capture what we can in our wood-sey backyard…
    So far, deer, fox, coyotes which we didn’t know we had here…fun and interesting…
    hugs, Julierose
    P.S. Mostly squirrels like to mug for the camera and the deer come right up to it and look into the lens…funny ;)))

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