Ok, I didn’t set the cameras up to watch the squirrels but at least they’re letting me know the cameras are working!

Today I cut the HSTs for my twisted pinwheel quilt and they’re packed up to take to Big Canoe to piece. That’s one item checked off my list.

Washing sheets and remaking the guest bed, fixing Waldorf Chicken Salad for dinner … also checked off. I’m going to have to add this little UFO to my list when I get back – Mom, Ann, and I all made one of these little ornaments and I was supposed to make the 4th one and give them to the kids last Christmas… and by last … I mean December 2019! I found them when I was searching for a small bin to put the HSTs in.

I was thinking I would not finish the heart blocks before leaving but after working on them today … the last 3 blocks are in progress so I’ll be able to pack them up and assemble them at Big Canoe too. I’ve got my work cut out for me next month … two log cabin quilts to assemble, the pinwheel blocks to make, and this Hopeful Heart log cabin quilt to assemble. Plus, I need to spend time on the trails logging some miles.


  1. That is a large squirrel Mary. The ones in our yard are much smaller, and red in colour. I think the little Christmas socks are so sweet.

  2. The little ornaments are so cute. I’ve made some felt ornaments in past years and noticed them on my girls’ trees this year in pictures. So I guess they still enjoy them. You’re so organized with taking things back and forth to Big Canoe.

  3. Enjoyed watching the squirrel. That was a fat little one. He looks well fed! Liked the Christmas decoration. You sure are going to be busy next month, but a nice busy!! How are you feeling. Is your ankle all healed now? Hopefully I’ll get the vaccine next month. My doctor says to keep calling to see if it’s in. Stay safe! ox

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