He’s such a cutie!

I mentioned someone got groomed today … he’s so cute! I always find it interesting to read about quilters who are offended by animals sitting on their gifted quilts … Finn loves being nestled up in a quilt with or without me and it doesn’t bother me at all.


  1. Quilts have inbuilt animal magnets don’t they?
    The moment I spread one on the floor one of the k9s just has to sit on it and the moment I sit to stitch a biindng on the cat is there ready to snuggle down. I make quilts to be used by the whole family

  2. I think the offense is a result of dogs birthing litters or being allowed to chew the quilt or have it used to clean up a muddy pup. Finn is adorable.

  3. He is cute! Gifted quilts become the new owner’s property to do with as they please. If you love them enough to give them a quilt you should understand their love for their pets. My cat had multiple quilts made for her and wanted one reversible one only turned with the back.up. She would scratch it until I turned it over. Once turned over she would race on top and plop. Know your recipients.

  4. My Doggies have always loved to lay on the quilts or whatever I am working on. It has my scent on it and it is usually close to me . I feel they know we have worked on this so it is part of us. They are smart. Your doggie is precious.

  5. He is very handsome with his fresh haircut. My quilts are meant to be used, so I never minded pets or kids on them. They get used to make blanket forts, and snuggled on the couch.

  6. Hi is a cutie, and when the dog is clean and groomed why not let him snuggle in a quilt. I keep my dogs groomed and clean also and it doesn’t bother me either when they want to snuggle in a quilt, blanket or whatever.

  7. My sister uses a quilt I made for her exclusively for her cat–but I know how much she loves this cat, so I feel honored. 🙂 Finn is a sweetie! PS Just got my first shot!

  8. Regularly groomed Finn is okay on a quilt. My dog who only gets a shampoo every 6 months is not so welcome. Interestingly I don’t mind my cats on my quilts though they handle their own bathing schedules.

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