We are so looking forward to life returning to normal and being able to spend time with Mom and the kids. My first vaccine appointment is in one week and the FL Governor has announced that the qualifying age in FL will drop to 50 next week so Keith will be eligible too. Through all of this time we have been grateful for the technology that allows us to text, email, FaceTime, and share videos when we could not spend time together in person. Tonight I was looking back through some of those videos and I just love this one that Chris put together for Keith’s birthday earlier this month. What a wonderful present and something we will watch and enjoy for years to come. Thank you Chris!


  1. Happy birthday Keith. Hope you have had a great day and you are recovering quickly from your shingles!

  2. I’m with you in looking forward to a return to some kind of normal again. I received my first shot late yesterday, and Dave will get his first one next Friday. So far my arm is sore, and I have a slight headache but otherwise feel fine. We have spent a little time with our kids and grandkids – but the girls have both been fully vaccinated, and both SIL have already had Covid, so we feel fairly safe with them now. But here in our city, the mask mandate expired March 1 and our active Covid cases have doubled in 2 weeks. Surprise, surprise!

  3. Happy birthday to Keith! My husband and I got our second shot two weeks ago. We are lucky to live in a rural area. We got a call from both our pharmacy and our doctor with in days of each other to schedule. I’m glad the two of you will be vaccinated soon. The birthday video is so creative! it will be treasured for many years.

  4. What a great way to send Birthday wishes to Keith, brought tears to my eyes, the Grands are so cute and you can tell how much love they were sharing. And Rae is quite the little slugger. Hope you are sharing real family time soon! <3

  5. What a wonderful video!! It must have meant the world to Keith and you! Hope you can all be together soon. I get my second shot on the 30th and will be able to go to Long Island to visit my son and family two weeks later.

  6. What a great video from all your kids and little kiddo’s – words are worth more than any actual gift and these were all said from the heart – they surely all love and miss you both 🙂

  7. Wow, that was wonderful. It brought tears to my eyes. I’m sure Keith (and you) will cherish that. What a very nice gift.

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