I got the Plus 3 top bound a couple nights ago.

That’s the last binding – My Aunt’s Quilt #10 of 10 is on the longarm now but I won’t have to bind it which is good. It’s giving me fits! The center is quite a bit larger than the edges and while I’ve got it about 2/3 quilted and only have a few tucks so far, I’m not sure how I’m going to get this last bit done. Crossing my fingers that I can manage it somehow.

I’ve mentioned before that we’ve been a one car family since 2007 except about a year when we first moved back to FL but we knew we were going to need a second car at Big Canoe since you have to drive everywhere unlike Minneapolis and Tampa. Keith has been wanting a truck and I finally caved in and agreed. He picked it up yesterday and is very happy.


  1. I’m not a truck person. But we’ve had a truck for over 25 years. We are campers and a truck has been necessary to pull our trailers. Men love trucks, well, many do. And I can see that Keith is quite happy with his new truck. I enjoy the added space and we are thinking we may give up my SUV later and just drive our truck. Maybe …. congratulations Keith.

  2. I like the quilted hearts on the Plus 3 top. The gray fabric really highlights them. Nice looking truck: just imagine all the quilting supplies it can haul.

  3. Pretty quilt, feel your pain re the quilt you have on your frame. Keith look like a happy chap with his new truck

  4. Yeah, guys really do have a thing about trucks. I’ve seen it in my own family. Good move to support him Mary. It’s clear you made a happy camper of your hubby!

  5. He’s officially a southern boy with is cool truck. The extended cab makes it work for more than 2 but the truck bed gives you all sorts of flexibility to carry stuff.

  6. Hi Mary – regarding you quilting a quilt that has some ‘challenges’ – have you ever seen any of Kelly Cline’s quilting videos? She quilts lots of antique quilts that have some issues and she uses an iron with steam over the parts that are bubbling and can usually flatten out the bubble and she does it right on the quilt frame. I have a sit down quilter but I did have a quilt that needed a little help so I loaded water in an iron and pressed the spots that were causing a problem and it did help shrink up the fabric enough to make it easier to quilt! Also – nice truck. Sherry

  7. A man with a truck is a man who has to find things to use his truck for! I see it happen often but it seems to bring joy if they want a truck rather tha buy it to fill a need.

  8. Nice truck for Keith!! My husband has wanted a Corvette of all things. I said NO way!!! I wish he wanted a truck. Very cute quilt and I love the gray background.

  9. Great looking Truck, Keith ! Really like the Quilt , Mary, great job. I’ve had quilts that ripple. No fun to quilt. They frustrate me. Your a good dobbie to do that for your Aunt. Like all the yarn you got. At a good price too!! I shop at Jo-ann’s a lot. I think the truck will come in real handy when you finally move to big canoe for good. take care!!

  10. Oooh, truck envy. We have a truck that’s so old it has antique plates! It’s quite serviceable and runs fine but I really want a newer truck. But it’s not going to happen. Trucks are expensive! My little Subaru was a bargain by comparison. But trucks are indispensable.

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