I’m so weak…

I’ve been very good about not buying yarn. I have plenty here and I seem to be crocheting a little slower but Joann’s had a really good sale and I couldn’t resist. Yep, that’s $16 for a child size Afghan. They also had some Mandala Ombré on sale and I got some of that too – it was a little more expensive at 5.99 a skein but still a bargain. I bought enough for 9 afghans total … yes, I have a problem. I cannot resist a good sale but it will be used AND I got a text today with photos of a bunch of kids who had received my quilts I donated in February … I rarely see who receives the quilts and blankets I make so it was really special to see them with their quilts and as long as there is need, I will continue to make and donate.


  1. Mary, I don’t make any comments about what friends buy. I have a particular love for fabric, and get joy from buying it, cutting it, sewing it, and just looking at it. Hopefully lots of it will get used. Enjoy your purchases and create more beauty.

  2. The people who receive your blankets are not the only ones who benefit. Any crafting calms me and it’s better than paying for a movie. I guess you get a benefit of staying involved, using your brain and creating. Dirt cheap when you put it all together.

  3. Good for you! How special to receive a photo of recipients. I’m sure you could see the joy on their faces.

  4. How wonderful that you received pictures. Also I saw carts full of yarn at the last sale, you are not alone.

  5. You are definitely not weak, you are taking advantage of the sale to put more good into the world! I’m so impressed with your altruism and I’m hoping once I retire I’ll have time to do some crocheting and quilting for charity. I have a small blanket here that I was going to donate, it’s been sitting on the back of a child’s rocking chair. My granddaughter was over the other day and she grabbed it and asked me to cover her with her blanket. Guess that one won’t be donated! Enjoy your new yarn!

  6. I’m also a yarnaholic , just cant resist. At least you have projects planned I unfortunately dont just like to buy the yarn, then figure what to do with it.
    The pictures you received were wonderful , always nice to see the quilts put to use. I know just watching you make them inspires me to do mine.

  7. A man and his truck… most men seem to want, use and enjoy having a truck and the new trucks are comfy and give you good vision plus, so easy to throw things in the back (bikes, canoes?) that I think you will enjoy and appreciate his choice of travel.

  8. Pretty yarn!! What you do is such a gift to the people who otherwise would not have a nice blanket to call their own. So I think it is money well spent.

  9. When its on sale and a good price, then you have to buy it. It also helps to stimulate the economy! I really like your plus quilt and the heart quilting on it. We just bought a used truck last week. Hubby has been looking for the last few years for a nice used one and we finely found one. When you need something hauled its nice to have a truck. Our Equinox can fit a lot, but sometimes you just need a truck.

  10. Ooh. they look like such pretty colors! I’d give in too if I could get my fingers on yarn like that!

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