This is what my cameras caught in the wee hours of the morning … and it’s why I wouldn’t let my cat run around outdoors at Big Canoe! ( Not that I have a cat! )

23 thoughts on “Bear!

  1. Wow!! That is interesting to see and a bit scary too. I’ve ordered a trail camera for my husband for his birthday coming up. We get lots of wildlife too, but no bears. We might see a mountain lion though.


  2. WOW – silly question but, did you know there were bears living in this area? I’m not sure where this area is – not looked it up on a map 🙂


  3. Oh gosh, Mary! A bear!! Isn’t it funny how the wildlife uses the steps?! And they always seem to go UP the steps, rarely go DOWN.


  4. Everyone is enjoying that beautiful walk way. By the way, I’ve been told by a friend who hunts, that the bears don’t hibernate here in NC. Evidently, it doesn’t get cold enough.


  5. Oh WOW! Those cameras pick up some amazing things and it seems like Mr Bear likes your new stairs. Is this your first bear siting? Thanks for sharing your videos, I love seeing all the activity.


  6. Wow, I had a bear in my backyard once, in the middle of the day, in a city neighborhood. Gave me a scare I can tell you. Rule of thumb, don’t open the door till you’ve had a good look around. Oh, having pets, oh my!


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