I didn’t sew today but I did play with fabric! I had some errands that tied me up most of the afternoon but when I got home I started to play with some fabric … first, I pulled fabric for a 3 yard Map quilt. Yes, I pulled more than 3 yards but that will give me a chance to make to last minute changes if I want too.

How about another one?! Again, more than 3 fabrics but it gives me options…. or maybe I need to make a 5 yard quilt from this one?!

I also cut two quick Strippies. I’m hoping to get one pieced tomorrow but the other one will go to Big Canoe. We’re just going to be there a week and a half and I hope to do some kayaking and hiking so not sure how much I’ll get done but the bins are packed!


  1. Pretty color combos for those 3-yard quilts. I think choosing fabrics for a new quilt is so much fun. I’m methodically pulling some blue fabrics for a project.

  2. Hi Mary! Gosh, those purple and turquoise fabrics look so fabulous with the print. I don’t even like purple . . . but I am drawn into that for sure! Can’t wait to see it all together . . . by tomorrow, knowing you. {{Hugs}} Happy Easter to you and Keith. ~smile~ Roseanne

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