I love this boy! It makes me incredibly happy and proud to think of the memories he’s creating with his girls. Becky is not a camper so these are father and daughter weekends. They’ll all have amazing memories of these times.


  1. He is a pretty amazing father that’s for sure!! He is making memories with his daughters that they will never forget. Pretty sweet!!

  2. The girls will have terrific memories of camping with their dad. I have a retired friend who lives in her Airstream all year round. She spends the winter at the same place each year in Arizona, but travels with it the rest of the year to interesting places. I think it would be fun.

  3. The three of them looks so happy ! Great picture!! Saw the video and I don’t think I’d like a bear in my backyard at night or any time really. Have a happy Easter!! xo

  4. Oh, doesn’t this make your heart so happy?! I adored my father (all three of us girls did) and I bet these girls will always adore their daddy! Making happy memories!

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