Traffic – ugh!

Who would have thought we would get caught up in Spring Break traffic?! Not me or I would have chosen another day to drive to Big Canoe but we made it in “just” 10 hours. A quick stop at the grocery store, happy hour on the porch, then relaxing by the fire. Keith carted all my bins and newly arrived yarn downstairs and I’ll head down tomorrow to get it all organized.

Chris is sharing more photos of his camping trip with the girls! Counting the weeks until we can spend time together this summer. I MISS my little ones!


  1. Great photos of the girls. We live about 3 miles from the gulf and don’t head near that road during this week. Last week it took an hour to make a normally 25 minute trip on a six lane road. A change in plans during tourist season is always called for.

  2. Great Dad & kids time creating memories and a nice break for Mum, without feeling guilty doing something she wants to do, on her own 🙂 I can feel the heat of that fire haha

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