One of the nice things about my challenge is that while I’m looking at all the quilts and deciding which ones I want to remake each month, I can update the webpages with more recent photos of quilts I’ve made. Like the Rectangle quilt I posted the other day, I’ve made my Boxed Squares 4 times … but I only had photos of two of the quilts on the website. I’ve updated it now with all 4 of these that I’ve made – the instructions are dated 2007 but since that was the date I set up the website it might have been made earlier than that. Just an easy quilt made from a jelly roll, or from 2.5 inch strips cut from stash … or from a kit – yes, I often buy discounted quilts and make something completely different with the fabric!


  1. I think this is my favorite pattern of yours. I just love it! I plan to make at least a couple this year!

  2. That pattern has long been one of my favorites for making donation quilts, Mary. Thanks for updating the photos! I’ve got a basket of “yucky” green scraps and never thought to pair them with teal. I’m SEW inspired!

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