Getting organized

I need to work faster or stop buying yarn and fabric …. or both! The yarn arrived from Joann’s in multiple boxes so I pulled it all out to check if it had all arrived. One colorway had just one of the 4 skeins ordered because they had run out of it so that skein will probably be used for a hat down the road. So in addition to the 8 blankets that all this yarn represents, I packed up and brought 6 Afghan kits I’d ordered from Blueprint with me this trip. So that’s 14 blankets waiting to be made and no, it’s not the only yarn I have here and at home in Tampa. I can’t resist buying for these projects when the yarn on sale and my hope is that I’ll eventually get them all made and donated. I brought the pink and tan shell blanket to work on while I’m here … I’m about 1/3 of the way done with that one.

And while I was unpacking and organizing I pulled out the bundles of fabric and my 3 yard books and made more plans for our HeartStrings 3 and 5 yard project. Luckily, that’s going to run through June because I have other items on my list of goals to accomplish too. I’ve decided on patterns for these 4.

These Quick Strippies were already cut and are ready to sew.

I’d set aside these two bundles here at Big Canoe – I call them bundles but these are fabrics I pulled from stash to make Strippies … they might end up as Strippies or they might end up as other 3 yard quilts.

And of course, I also brought the two bundles I pulled from stash the other night …. this one ….

And this one ….

I think I need to get busy!


  1. Lots of lovely fabrics and yarns to keep you busy for quite a while – enjoy 🙂

  2. Oh my, you do have a lot of projects sitting there. And I’m sure we will see the finished versions of all that soon. I sure wish I could be that focused.

  3. You are so organized! In Japan we would say I need to take a sip of tea made by your fingernail to instill some of your personality into my life! (Old Japanese wives’ tale.)

  4. I have a couple of the 3 Yard Quilts books, so I’m curious what you’ll do with the 5 pieces of fabric?
    I too have way more fabric than I’ll ever use up, but darn it’s hard not to buy when you see something you just love! 🙂

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