More organizing/planning

The last set of Strips and Strings log cabin blocks are up on the design wall. I thought I was going to assemble this one first but I want to live with this arrangement a couple days or so and move blocks around if needed. I don’t fuss a lot with the layout for these scrappy quilts but I stop and study it every so often when I’m working on something else and make small changes.

I also pulled a Jelly Roll and background for my April Precut project.

And now I’m ready to sew! Since the design wall is busy … I’ll start with one of the 3 yard quilts that doesn’t need to be laid out in order for me to assemble the top.


  1. It’s a wintry Easter Sunday here Mary. I really like what I can see of your Jelly roll. I’m sure that you will make another beauty with it. Enjoy your day

  2. We are camping too and I went into a lovely quilt store in Hannibal MO and found Fabri-Cafe patterns with bands of 3 (1 yard) fabrics for $24. Lovely fabrics and I found the pattern you just made. Did not buy any though because I thought they had 2 dominant colors and I also know I have fabrics at home. Lest you think I was an angel not buying fabrics, I did succumb to 3 panels that were lovely. Hope your Easter is fabulous.

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