It was a gorgeous day for a hike – 4 miles round trip, to the waterfall and back while I was waiting to pick Finn up from grooming.

Everything is blooming … the leaves on the trees, the wildflowers … it’s time to go back on my allergy meds! I did manage a few hours in the sewing room too. I started sewing blocks for my rectangle quilt since I had gray thread on the machine from yesterday but next up will be assembling the log cabin blocks.


  1. Isn’t spring beautiful? Lovely pictures!! I haven’t seen any flowers around here yet, but some of the trees have budded out. And the grass is green, meaning my allergies are acting up too. We had 80+ degrees yesterday and today. We spent the weekend on the golf course since we had no family around for Easter.

  2. Liked the photos. Great picture of you!! You have no wrinkles! You look like a little girl!! So youthful! Hopefully pretty soon you’ll be able to see your grandchildren. they looked so happy in the pictures. Take care ! I bet Finn looks good with his haircut !

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