Little ones

I’m missing my little ones and can’t wait until this summer when we can visit safely with them again!

5 thoughts on “Little ones

  1. I hope that happens. My littles both attend school or other group activities so we have seen and interacted with them. They visit their dad and have been to school functions since he is a principal. I am vaccinated and wear a mask so I think I am less of a risk. Hugs happened a week ago and I rejoiced.


  2. Such cuties!! I understand completely. We have seen our kiddos occasionally, but very limited. We’ll see one family on Saturday for the twins’ birthday. We’ll have supper with them at their house along with the other grandparents – who both had Covid back in November. We’re both still pretty careful about wearing our masks, and I will have received both shots. Dave won’t get his second until late next week.


  3. I sure understand how you feel. It had been a year since our family all got together at one time. We finally decided Easter would be the day. My daughter had the dinner and it was wonderful to see most everyone together again. Summer will be here soon and then we can mingle outside and feel safe.


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