4 patch stars

I’ve had this 4 Patch Stars quilt on my website since 2013 and haven’t made it yet. It’s designed as an 8 inch finished block and I think I just didn’t want to work with the 2 inch finished HSTs.

So this morning I played around with the design. I could use either a 3 inch finished HST for a 12 inch block or I have a GO die for a 2.5 inch finished HST which would make a 10 inch block. I might eventually make it in blue AND make a scrappy multicolored version too. I’ve got a busy couple months coming up so I don’t expect to start one anytime soon but hopefully this year!


  1. I am totally going to make this one!!!! (after my 3 month commitment to giving vaccines ends-I came out of retirement).

    Thank you!!!

  2. Oh like the pattern and IMO you can’t beat a blue and white quilt.
    Getting my sewing fix from your posts.

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