Instead of going to bed like I should have … I thought let’s change the block offset and the spacer block …

Then … I was like what if I changed the star to a sawtooth star?

I haven’t really calculated block/border sizes yet but I’m thinking I’d probably end up using 9 or 12 inch blocks to reach my typical donation size quilts. Now it’s time to stop playing and go to bed!

6 thoughts on “Different

  1. This is my kind of distraction when there is something I am trying to avoid! I don’t have a design program so I have graph paper notebooks filled with things I hope to make. I hope this got you calm enough to sleep well.


  2. I like every variation you’ve posted. Wow!! After you mentioned that book in a post last week I just had to look for it, and actually bought it. I love the simple ideas for using just 9 main blocks of different kinds. I was actually thinking about the Ohio Star blocks that I have hanging in my closet already, and got very excited when I saw your Ohio Star variation.


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