Go Bolts!

The Bolts won tonight and head to the 2nd round of the playoffs!

We came upstairs for the last period and I picked up my knitting. I have to admit I was afraid this simple blanket would be boring … but it’s been the perfect project for me to pick up at night after working on decluttering and packing and it’s turning out gorgeous. These blues and grays really appeal to me. The pattern was found free on Ravelry and it’s simple a stockinette stitch with a garter stitch border. I’m on the third ball of the Mandala yarn I’m using … I think this one will make it long enough but I do have a 4th ball if I need it.


  1. I’m knitting along with you, but only have about 6″ done after finding a couple of holes & starting over. A quilt retreat with friends kept me from getting much done, but now that I’m home, I’ll pick it up again. It’s so relaxing to work on a simple pattern and have such pretty results.

  2. That is gorgeous yarn! I’m glad you some kind of creative outlet for relaxation after a long day of packing.

  3. Your blanket is lovely. Knitting is more relaxing when you don’t have a fussy pattern. Good luck with your house sale, fingers crossed, and with your packing.

  4. I guess I don’t have a solid definition of scrappy. When I buy fabric specifically for a quilt, then it isn’t scrappy. Otherwise when I pull leftovers or bits and pieces from the stash then I guess I feel it is scrappy. I really like the depth of color in scrappy quilts – lots of shades of a color give it depth.

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