I started packing this week and now all the machines are packed away and the stash is in bins. There will be no more sewing until I get to Big Canoe in mid June. I do have my knitting and crochet to keep me busy at night after spending each day packing and dealing with moved related issues!

During an inspection of the crawl space below our unit, some significant issues were found and we’ll be working our way through them. I expect our buyers to back out but Keith and I both know that we can get through the issues and get the house sold so while it may take longer than expected, it will happen. We will go ahead with the move as planned and come back as needed.

The article below was in the local Smoke Signals newspaper and I thought you might find it interesting to read more about the area we moving to. I’ll miss being near the bay here in Tampa but I love being in the mountains too so it’s a good trade off and I’ve got the lake there for kayaking which is an added bonus. The article will enlarge if you click on it.


  1. Big Canoe sounds lovely. Is your home located in a longer or shorter winter mountain range area? I hope your issues with the Tampa house can be resolved quickly and without too much hassle.

  2. Now you have me curious. What happened to the crawl space. Didn’t seem like you’d been there that long. Hope it can be resolved easily.

  3. Sorry about the issues. Hopefully you didn’t inherit them like a friend did. Hers was leaking pipes under the house that cause both rot and erosion. Bought the house owned it 5 years and and found damage from when the house was built. Tried to get relief from the home inspector but he s aid he did inspect it or say that he did on the contract she signed. Court agreed!

  4. It seems like it is always something. We owned a house for 2 years and in that time period, the county redid it’s septic laws. For some reason older houses were not grandfathered in and the it only is an issue when you sell. Our house was only 21 years old when we sold so it wasn’t like it was draining into a ditch or anything. Everyone was too busy to do the work before we moved and the new owners ended up taking the escrow money and going another route. At that point in time, we just wanted it over. Good luck and hope it goes smoothly.

  5. Mary, thanks for including the article about Big Canoe. It was interesting. It’s hard for me to imagine you not sewing for that period of time, but of course you knit and crochet, so the gap will be partially filled. Today we are having big winds from across the Bay of Fundy. Clothes wouldn’t stay on the line no matter how many pins we used, but the wind was warm. Tonight we will get a bit of rain, not a lot. I have been delaying my move because of my physiotherapy appts, but today the therapist has given me a three week break before the next one, so I think the move will be on over the next few days. I miss my seaside home, but living here at the base of the mountain is good too. I’m happy to hear that you will have a lake for boating.

  6. No way I’d walk away from a home that you and Keith are fixing to meet the inspection results. I hope your buyers are that smart!

  7. My great aunt and uncle had a house in Big Canoe years ago. It must have been soon after it was developed. I spent a week with my cousins there at their house sometime around 1980.

  8. I read the info on the leaflet – very interesting. Hope your repairs and sale all go through smoothly. Good luck 🙂

  9. I hope your sale goes through. It’s very difficult sometimes selling a house. The last time, I backed out of the deal and I am so grateful. I decided to keep it and we’ve lived here 5 more years. The realtor wasn’t honest and I learned to not allow my realtor to sell my house. This happened twice and the realtor ended up being ‘their’ realtor. Good luck Mary.

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  10. I’m confident these repairs will only be a brief bump in the road. The packing process is what I’ve dreaded the most whenever we have moved. I’m not good at giving up stuff unfortunately.

  11. Sorry you had inspection issues but your house is so beautiful you’ll have buyers in no time!

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