Half Square Triangles

I’m not a huge fan of making 2 inch finished half square triangles but I thought I had an Accuquilt GO die in that size. When I went to make my Friendship Star and Rail fence quilt last year, I realized it was a 2.5 inch finished HST so I used Thangles to make the HSTs for that quilt.

However, ever since then I’ve been thinking about a quilt I could make using the 2.5 inch HST die. I typically like to use 3 or 4 inch HSTs but for some patterns that makes a larger block than I’d want. Tonight, I was playing around with stars and chains and I think a 2.5 inch HST would work great in this one. The squares and rectangles would be cut 3 inches wide. Block size would be 12.5 inches finished (13 inches with seam allowances). Of course, if you like making 2 inch finished HSTs you could always use them. It would be a smaller quilt – 50 x 70 but that’s a nice size too and you could add a border if you wanted it larger.


  1. Did you receive the Go Value Die when you got your Go? It has a finished 2” HST die along with two sizes of squares. I like your idea to use bigger HSTs in projects. Makes sense to me — less fiddly.

  2. Pretty layout, Mary! It looks like a bunch of tulips to me but this would make a wonderful QOV project, too. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Very sharp layouts! I must admit I get bored making HST, but love how versatile they are in quilt designs. I’ve tried a variety of rulers for trimming both before and after pressing open. I’ve tried some of the methods of making several at a time. And I tried the Thangles papers – which I hated pulling off. So, I’ll keep making HST because I love using them in my quilts.

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