Churn Dash

I’ve also been planning another Churn Dash quilt … so today while I was waiting around for another inspection of the crawl space issues, I modified the quilt design from yesterday. Using a 9 inch finished block … those squares in the chain block would be two different sizes. The 9 patch would be pieced from strips or squares that were cut 2.5 inches. The framing rectangles and squares would be cut 2 inches. A couple borders would bring this up to the donation size I like.

If you’re wondering about the crawl space issues – we’re in the process of working with the Association and getting quotes to resolve the issues. Our buyers have until next Friday to decide if they are moving ahead with the purchase otherwise we go back on the market. It’s complicated, expensive, and a hassle but not a disaster … we’ll work through the problem and get the house sold. The move goes ahead mid June regardless and I need to keep packing!


  1. It’s a good sign your buyer is ‘hanging in there’ at the moment – they obviously want the house! After 4 different inspections (structural, pest, home inspection & a septic scope inspection) with no real issues (just a slightly loose toilet that needs the bolts tightened a little bit, etc), the buyers got cold feet and cancelled. They are first time homebuyers & a home over a 1/2 million is obviously scary but they are out at least $750 in inspection fees (we paid for the pest, so the agent posted on MLS that we have section 1 clearance), and back on the market it went last night. Had another viewing today – they were here over an hour per our agent (it’s timed by the lock box notifications). We aren’t worried – it will happen when it happens, but we would really like to get on with our life, just as you would. Keeping my fingers crossed for you two AND us! : ) Deb

  2. In life there are always some wrinkles, and I guess this is one of them. Eventually this too will pass, and your move will be done. I moved my summer sewing machine to the cottage today, and hope that by Tuesday the bulk of my move will be finished.
    I like this design Mary.

  3. Love this. You’ve got great designs.

    I’m glad you’ve got someone out looking at the house to start remediation. It will all work out.

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