Family gift exchange

Several months ago I shared that we started doing a family gift exchange. Every few months we’re drawing names and making gifts for each other and tonight was our second reveal. This is such a fun thing to do together and while it can be hard sometimes deciding what to make, everyone has come up with such neat ideas. The Game Night coasters are so perfect for me because that’s what we do in the evenings when we have company as Kevin well knows! I can’t wait to have visitors again at Big Canoe!

  • Mom made Ann two table runners
  • Debbie made Pat suitcase organizers
  • Pat is working on a bench for Maureen but did not get finished yet so Mom made her some facial scrubbies so she’d have a small gift while she waited.
  • Kevin made Mary Game Night coasters
  • Mary made Kevin a 4th of July mat
  • Ann made Debbie a hand stitched wool candle mat
  • Maureen made Mom a couple small jewelry holders

The photos should enlarge when you click on them.


  1. What a fun family tradition! And it’s a wonderful way to keep those family connections close when you are separated by many miles.

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