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Usually when I can’t sew for a prolonged period of time, I end up shopping for fabric online but just having packed up my overly generous stash that’s NOT going to happen so I’m just playing with quilt ideas. Who knows if any of these will be made in one form or another but if not, they might inspire a future quilt of mine or inspire someone else.

This might be a little busy as designed and I’m almost thinking that using lighter colored fabrics for the checkerboard so it fades a little more into the background might work better … but then I look at it again and think I kind of like it as it is.

I didn’t work too hard today but I did pack up most of the books in the library. Even after donating 10-12 bags of books, I still have a lot of them. Keith will need to get me just a few book boxes so I can finish up since most of them fit in all the empty bins from the sewing room. We also enjoyed watching the Lightning game as they won the first one in the series against Carolina. This is the beginning of round two so hopefully they’ll continue on and go all the way to the finals!


  1. I also have tended to shop online when I was too busy to sew (grandma duty, work responsibilities taking over my evenings and weekends) or stressed out (helping my son and family get ready to move 2000 miles away) but as I am currently packing my ginormous stash I am having fun putting things into the cart and then hitting “empty cart”. I am finding patterns, fabrics and kits I had forgotten about and wishing I could play instead of pack. In the early days Craftsy didn’t include printed patterns with kits and I’ve found a few mystery quilt kits. No pattern, no quilt name on the package except an indeciferable bit of lettering. Many of them I probably purchased for the dirt-cheap fabrics, but it would be good to know what the kit was intended to be.
    I’m happy the moving process is nearly over for you. Hope the crawl space issues are resolved soon

    I hope the crawl space issues get resolved soon.

  2. I like that pattern, I look forward to seeing what you make with it or how you change it. Sadly our only LQS is closing in July, so I’m afraid I will be doing more online shopping in the future, but right now I have enough in my stash that hopefully I won’t need anything more.

  3. Do you keep the books you’ve read? I used to, but began giving them away or donating them before our last move. It’s freeing, but also a bit intimidating to know that all the books on shelves in my bedroom and the guest room are waiting to be read!

  4. The idea of lighter colors for the checkerboard would solve the “busy” issue beautifully. I keep looking at that book too, and playing with ideas. So many fun possibilities! I am under the weather this weekend – sinus infection – and have spent quite a bit of time just playing with quilt ideas.

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