Happy Hour

I love watching our visitors even from a distance! Look at all the ones that stopped by for Happy Hour last night. Keith and I are both so excited about the move and are ready to be up at Big Canoe full time and to be closer to the boys.

7 thoughts on “Happy Hour

  1. Wow, you did have a few visitors. That is exciting and hopefully all the moving and hassle will be behind you soon.


  2. Wow you have a little herd stopping by. I wonder if they witll still stop by for happy hour when you start living there full time. I guess you could guarantee visitors by putting out a salt lick. When my grandfather had a small dairy herd he would put a salt lick out for the cows but we always saw the deer come to use it also.


  3. So nice to see the deer just ambling by the house in the daylight. They are in good condition: their coats are shiny and such a pretty color.


  4. The perfect birthday! I had a friend that hat 13 kids. Some were already out of the house when the rest came along. For one of her birthdays all she wanted was her 13 kids home without spouses and grandkids. She did the cooking and fixed everyones favorite foods. She was so happy to have all of them under the same roof at one time.


  5. I would be in heaven to have that many deer’s come and visit me that close to my home. They are such beautiful creatures


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