More birthday fun

We spent time with the boys on the beach today … it’s been a while since I bobbed around in the ocean and it was fun.

Then we went out on a sailboat late afternoon. The boys found it very interesting and I always love being on the water.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes and assurances that my 60’s will be great years – I’m counting on it!

And while it doesn’t fall under the category of birthday fun, as expected, the buyers pulled out of the sale due to the issues found in the crawl space. We’ve made progress working with the Association and getting bids but they weren’t willing to commit before the work was finished and we were not willing to wait it out with them. We’ll see if we can find a buyer to take it with the assurance from the Association that the process has begun and that the issues will be resolved.


  1. Happy 60th Birthday!!! Being on the water with both of your sons was a wonderful way to celebrate the past and look forward to the future.
    Sorry the buyers changed their minds, and I hope you find another buyer soon.

  2. Good Morning! Happy Birthday! Sorry I missed it, but looks you had a great time celebrating with your boys! Great pictures!

  3. Happy birthday, a few days late! Sounds like you got the best gift you could have asked for, without even knowing what to ask for!! It makes it so much sweeter, knowing each son has created his own happy family who also love you dearly. What more could a mother want?! 60 was the hardest birthday for me, and it was kind of unsettling to reply “60” to the age question, but once you get past that, the 60s are good.

  4. Happy birthday!! Love your bee shirt. Where did you find it? You’ll find a new buyer in no time I’m sure.

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