Yes, it’s another 3 yard quilt. The pattern is Brick Street from Fabric Cafe but I had extra yardage so I made it bigger. It’s rather neutral but I’m sure there’s a cat lover out there that will be happy with it.

I spent a couple days just looking at it on the design wall trying to decide whether to go with the brown fabric or the cat fabric for the border. I just thought the cats would be too busy. And since I had those two partial strips, I decided to add an extra row to the quilt making this one about 54 x 74.

I do like the top better in person and quilting it will give it texture and that always makes it look better too. These cats are cute and I’m not even a cat person. The colors are more accurate in this last photo too.

Of course, there’s been more unpacking today too but we’re still quite a ways from being done. I’ve got my library chairs in the downstairs family room which will be my place to sit and knit or bind or blog during the day.

Finn and I are sitting there right now … but our view is not the best!


  1. Take a few minutes to relax. Eat the elephant one bite at a time. Trust me the boxes will be there when you decide where the stuff inside needs to go.

  2. I recently made a quilt and was undecided about which border fabric to use. My husband who has great design and color sense asked me if I wanted to have people look at the border or at the whole quilt ? Well, I had worked hard on the inside so I knew then which border to pick. I think your border choice was perfect and I love that chocolate brown color.

  3. It’s so fun to see how different fabrics change how a pattern looks. This one with the cat print is very cute. Good color choices. One box at a time of course, but at least you can be confident that everything is with you in GA now.

  4. Seems like a common view lately. Our nephew retired from the Navy & their pack-out was last week sometime. Hubby’s cousin’s daughter’s family in the Air Force finished pack-out & the mover’s were coming today. Daughter-in-law is moving to Lincoln so it’s boxes, boxes, boxes. And I see on her blog that Judy L. is still unpacking from their move.

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