Pick 2

One of the challenging decisions I had to make was which 2 machines I’d set up in my sewing room. I have 4 machines and 3 cabinets. I knew the Jane would definitely be one – I love piecing on her and she’s got a good walking foot and decent throat space if I want/need to quilt on it. In the end I decided to set up the Grace for string piecing because the cabinet fit in the space best. You can see I found my string bins and my Log Cabin Hearts project that was in progress in Tampa before the move. The bins fit under the table which should keep things a little neater when I’m not working.

I did check to see if the BERNINA would fit into this cabinet and it will be easy to switch out machines if I want to do some appliqué. I have a very simple project I want to get done so I’ll switching them before too long to make a bow tie quilt.

The Jane moved to the other side of the room by the other window. I love being able to look out the window when I’m working.

I worked on the LeMoyne Star blocks for a little while after getting things rearranged but I also spent about 40 minutes searching for the bin that had the bobbins and feet for the Grace machine. I’d say it was wasted time but more stuff got sorted and put away while I was going through the bins so I won’t call it wasted.


  1. Why do you call her Jane? i thought at first it was because it’s a Janome, but now I see it’s a Baby Lock. Also…you have a bathroom right there??? How fabulous!

  2. Love your attitude! I spent about two hours shifting fabrics because I broke the plastic storage container they were in. So I just turned that experience into sorting backing fabrics and refolding ss necessary in my mind and I am happier. Thanks.

  3. Love your cabinet for your sewing machine set-up! How nice that that light just sits back there low and on the right side!

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