A busy day

The house here was built in 2000 which seemed pretty new to me since many of our homes were older but we have had a number of things to replace and update since they were originals. We’d had intermittent issues with one of the garage door openers not working so we had both replaced today. The repair wasn’t worth the money given the age of the unit and rather than waiting for the other one to fail too, we got them both replaced. Should be good for another 20 years! When the guy was finishing up 3 deer strolled through the yard. He thought that was pretty cool. I told him they are frequent visitors and that I have cameras set up to capture their visits although it’s always fun to see them in real time too.

Since I finished the Sashed Whales yesterday I started a set of HeartStrings blocks this afternoon … throwing pretty much everything in these blocks and hoping to use up a bunch of strips and strings. I’ve made 5 quilts from that bin already this year and so far I don’t notice any difference! I’ve almost got the second set of 6 done and this one will take 48 blocks.

Are you watching the Olympics? I spent the afternoon quilting and piecing and after Keith went to bed around 9pm (he’s an early to bed, early to rise kind of guy) I came down and stitched down the binding on my 10 quilt of the month while i watched the gymnastics and swimming. It feels good to hit my goal and be back to actively sewing after the move. I feel like I lost 3 months of my life to it and I’m more than ready to be back in my routine.

Tomorrow I’ll take Finn for grooming and get out for a hike while I wait for them to finish. They usually take a couple hours and I can get 4 miles in and back to pick him up in that time. I’ll work on some more HeartStrings blocks too.


  1. Hi! Did you happen to put the wrong year in for when the house was built? 2020?

    Great job on completing 10 in July!

  2. Really pretty blocks, I’m ready to sew too after this move. Things still rather hectic but I’m ready! I think you got the date wrong on your new house because I think you bought it in 2019?

  3. I’ve been sewing – and sorting – my scrap bins again lately, and they just look more full when I get done. Trying to convince myself that it’s just because they are “fluffed up”. But maybe they multiply in the dark at night just like dirty laundry does.

    Our house was built in 1996 and we bought it in 2006. Every summer we work on some major project. This year it has been doors, tree trimming, and repairs to the roof of the front porch. So far we are still waiting on doors. The tree trimmer was here one whole day, but things look really good again. The carpenter fixing the porch and replacing some siding next to it, didn’t show up last Monday. But he came this week and got it done. We have a very small area to paint. But the 2 doors – still not done.

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