So it seems that some of you have different experience with Joann’s flannel but I can only share what I’ve experienced. It’s funny but when I was reading my post from yesterday in Feedly, this one came up underneath it … from September 2006 – https://blog.maryquilts.com/2006/09/28/autumn-top-finished/ .

It just so happens that I was sitting under that quilt and flipped the corner over. That is a Joann’s flannel, the quilt has been washed many, many times, and I use it all the time. There is no pilling, no excessive shrinkage, and the quilt is 15 years old! I’m not trying to convince anyone to run out and buy Joann’s flannel but I’m saying I’ve used it on many quilts without any problems. For the most part I do try to buy in person so I can feel the fabric and I buy the Snuggle or Super Snuggle Flannel but I have occasionally bought online.


  1. You are so right Mary!! I’ve used Joann’s flannel forever and never had an issue with it!! But, even quilt shop flannel can have different results! Usually one can tell just by the feel if flannel can cause problems. Some have a “loose” type weave, I stay away from those.

  2. I’ve never had a problem with Joann’s flannel either. I use it for the backs of the baby quilts I make. I have bought flannel from Hobby Lobby that I used for double sided receiving blankets that I wasn’t impressed with,

  3. I still test the feel of Joann’s flannel. I bought more than 20 yards of flannel today. I rejected some fabrics that I liked the print on because the feel didn’t make me happy. I test the feel of all fabrics and Kona cotton varies a lot. It is me that is strange not the fabric.

    • I use Joann’s flannel ALL the time. I have made hundreds of kid quilts with flannel backings over the years – Project Linus, Ronald McDonald house and at least 8 or 10 other concerns. Adult quilts, too. I always feel it in person. I also always wash before using. Yes, some is much nicer than others. I am quite picky, but there are plenty of patterns that are quite nice. I must see it and feel it, however!

  4. I use flannel from Joann’s all the time & I’ve never had a problem with it either.

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