1. Good Morning Chris! lol! We all know you are, and that you are a good son. Have enjoyed the pics Mom has shared of you, and the girls growing up! <3

  2. Good to know you’re on the job with the ability to post blog updates should the need arise.

  3. Yep, a great guy and handsome son indeed! I’m glad you’ve made provision for your blog readers to be notified if something happens to you Mary. Even though the news may be sad, it is sadder still to just wonder about someone you’ve followed for a long time. Kudos for sharing this and maybe it will encourage others to be mindful as well. Have fun visiting your Mom!

  4. So glad Chris was able to post from his email address without issue! I hope he doesn’t need to test it out again for many, many years. He certainly is a handsome guy and a very nice, supportive one as well. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

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