Working away

I think I’m going to like this one! All the star blocks are made and more than half of the 9 patch ones are done too. Considering how much time the cutting takes it’s going pretty quickly. This isn’t the final layout. Once all the blocks are made I’ll be moving some of them around.

Finn isn’t adjusting to my schedule very well. He’s been waking Keith up and wanting to come look for me. Wednesday night Keith gave up and brought him down after midnight which was fine because at that point I was just sitting and knitting but so far he’s stayed upstairs tonight.


  1. Isn’t it lovely to have a furry friend snuggled up to you in the evening? We have had Chow Chows for most of our married life (40 years), and they’re just a little too big to snuggle and cuddle with in the evening. We have just had a smaller dog (along with the larger ones) for the past 8 years. I never knew what I was missing by having a small dog snuggled up to me while watching TV or reading. Hand stitching? Not so much as she would be too close and would get poked by my needle or get tangled in my threads as I was doing EPP. But, pure bliss for the other things, though🥰🥰.

  2. Liking how this quilt is coming together. I haven’t checked in for a while and you have been busy. Love the company of my k9s. The cat likes to supervise me in the sewing cave

  3. Oh yes – that is turning out just as pretty as I anticipated it would. Our cat used to come and make a fuss if I stayed up too late at night sewing or reading in another room. Once I came to the bedroom I could read as late as I wanted and he was OK with it. Guess Finn just thought you and Keith needed to be where he could keep an eye on you together.

  4. Mary, I love the way two simple blocks can become friends and create a beautiful quilt! You’ve done it again. 😊

  5. I really like that quilt!! If I ever get caught up I just might make one. Perfect for that special friend. My 2 dogs always need to be with me. The older one is fine because she just sleeps a lot, but the puppy is another story…lol.

  6. My dog would prefer to stay with me too though he has also learned that I’m not available at night. He won’t take to my husband at all though!

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