I had a lazy morning but I did manage to get downstairs and get the Friendship Star top assembled this afternoon. Looking forward to starting something new now!

Click here for brief instructions on my website.

Finn’s trying to stay pretty close to me today …. He kept me company in the sewing room this afternoon. I’m trying to “train” him to lay in his bed instead of roaming around looking for scraps and threads to eat.


  1. I’m liking this top Mary. Some time ago I was using up scraps and ended up with over 100 6 inch finished Friendship star blocks, and i am looking for ideas to incorporate them into a quilt. Your top might fit the need here

  2. The top is gorgeous. I love scrappy quilts. I am lucky with Karlin ( my mini schnauzer) he follows me everywhere including the sewing room, but just sleeps on the bed in there in a space not covered in fabric.

  3. Finn looks like he can hardly keep his eyes open! So relaxed and content.

    The quilt top is so dynamic with the stars done in the different colors. It’s amazing how much of an impact that color variety can have.

  4. Thank-you for this controlled scrap quilt. I like one where the background does not overwhelm the design.

  5. Finn is so adorable. What breed is he? I’m going to be looking for a dog in November and I’m trying to pinpoint what breed would be best. He looks similar to my beloved Joey who passed away several months ago.

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