Today’s hike

After meeting a member of the local quilt guild here to pass off 23 quilts to be donated, I headed for the trail.

Just my usual 4 mile hike to the lower falls. Starting at the swim lake….

Through the woods …

Alongside the creek …

Arriving at the lower falls and then turning around to head back to the lake.

Keith and I have been noticing the leaves starting to change and are very excited that fall is coming! We’re so used to late August being the middle of the summer months in Florida that it doesn’t seem possible that summer is almost over … and that’s a good thing! A change of seasons is one of the things we love most about being here in the North GA mountains! I saw lots of yellow and even some orange leaves on my hike today.


  1. I’m sure that local guild is thrilled to receive so many lovely donation quilts. Be careful however – they may be begging you to join!! LOL. What a beautiful place to hike.

  2. Mary, I do hope you take some sort of bear spray with you when you hike. Also 23 quilts is amazing. I get so attached to my quilts even though I plan on giving them away, but many of mine have some special fabrics in them. I see a certain fabric and I remember which quilt it’s a scrap of….Fall is coming to the St. Louis area too. Leaves are falling all over here, but no trees turning yet. In one month, everything will be yellow and orange and even red.

  3. I’m not ready to let go of summer yet, but I do love the fall colours! A few friends are already talking about sweaters – it’s still 26C (80F)!

  4. What beautiful, and varied, scenery for your hike. I also love the first signs of autumn. Grew up in New England and the glorious leaf colors made fall my second favorite season (after Spring).

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