Both Mom and Keith decided they needed an early night so after they went to bed, I came downstairs to work.

I’ve got the first of 4 quilted last week bound and my Animal ABC City Lights quilt is finished. The pattern is from I also trimmed 2 and got the binding machine stitched on a 3rd and ready to hand stitched down.

My brother and his wife left Wednesday after lunch and I spent the afternoon visiting with Mom and getting rooms switched around … Keith will work downstairs in my sewing room for the next couple weeks and Mom and I will sew in his office. We had slept downstairs while my brother was here and Mom had slept in our room so we played musical rooms … getting her set up in the guest room and bathroom and bringing our stuff back upstairs.

Tomorrow, Mom and I will sew some. She brought a couple projects with her, I’m going to pull a Jelly Roll so I can work on something easy while I help her with her projects, and I’m going to let her look through some of my 3 yard books and fabric bundles to see if any of them appeal to her and if so, I’ll kit up one or two for her to take home to work on.


  1. I really like this pattern and the fabrics you chose for it. I’m not particularly a fan of these quilts, but this one I do like and would make. I recently found the 3 yards of fabrics I bought years ago in Paducah at the AQS quilt show but the pattern is nowhere to be found. I remember buying it from her, we picked the group of fabrics and the pattern separately. Now where is that pattern? Btw: the author of these books is very nice.

  2. Wowsers Mary, but you have been busy. It is so nice that you and your mom will have this time together. Hope today is a super one for you.

  3. Sounds like you are enjoying your new home and its versatility! I always think it’s so nice how you and your mother share the enjoyment of making quilts. I know you are so grateful to have this time with her. How sweet of your brother and his new wife to bring her to you.

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