1. I think any child would love to snuggle with that. I have to be careful with my quilts for the Linus Project as my Riley age 6 will go through them and ask for another one. She has 5 now, two that were going to be donated 3 I made for her. I really don’t mind as she loves them, but her mother doesn’t want her t sleep with them all at one time. She gets the idea of a handmade quilt and tells her mother that she is sleeping under my love, it just warms me and my heart.

  2. I really like this pattern, it makes a cute quilt. Can you tell us what book you are using, she has 9 now. I wouldn’t mind buying one book, but only if I know I really like the patterns.

  3. This one is so cute! I have a couple of fabrics set aside to use in 3-yard quilts. This one might have to be the next pattern I use. Love it.

  4. So cute!! I just finished a Town Square for my granddaughter using different woodland animal prints for the center. The City Lights is up next. Thanks for bringing my attention to easy great stash buster patterns!!

  5. So cute! I just recently acquired 3 of the 3 yard quilt books from my guild’s free table. I haven’t used them yet, but see more than several the I would enjoy making. Heaven only knows, I wouldn’t have any trouble finding the fabric in my stash!
    As to the older family blocks you were given, I have successfully restored several older family quilts I inherited. For stains I use stain treater laundry products and let it set overnight. I use cold water always, and sometimes have to wash 2-3 times before I’m satisfied that I can do no more good. I am very bold and do take some chances others wouldn’t. I do any repairs or stain treatments needed before washing if possible. I’ve never been gifted with blocks before, but I would be tempted to put them into a quilt before doing stain treatments and washing, because of the fragility of unsewn-together blocks. Sorry for blathering on for so long. I love doing restoration and cleaning on precious textiles I’ve been gifted. My masters work in college was in textiles and production, and one of the classed I took was Restoration and Preservation of Textiles. Hence, my keen interest.

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