Mom brought a kit with her to work on after the Sailboats but I sidetracked her by having her look through the 3 yard quilt books and my bundles. She chose 4 and decided to make one before starting on her kit.

We also looked at some blocks my cousin sent me recently. Teresa’s not sure but she thinks they might have been pieced by my grandmother. They’re old and several of them have bad stains but I may be able to do something with them.


  1. My friends and I have a quilt study group, and we love finding old blocks and admiring the work of many decades ago.

  2. Love the old blocks! I inherited some old blocks and found washing them worked wonders on stains. I put them (one at a time) in a wide mouth Mason jar with ivory dish soap and tepid water. I gave the jar several gentle shakes. The water was dirty after each block. Then the blocks got a good rinse and pressing once they were dry.

  3. Just so sweet, getting to sew with your mom once again and getting those old blocks out while she is visiting. Look forward to seeing what you do with them. They look great in the photos. Happy sewing Mary and Mom!

  4. It would be kind of exciting to have blocks made by your grandmother, even if they have some stains. Still a precious treasure and they look really pretty in the photo.

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