Today’s Progress

Mom finished piecing her 3+ yard Brick Street top. Pattern is from Fabric Cafe.

For some reason these photos never quite show how cute these quilts turn out. Here’s a closer view of the fabrics.

While Mom was finishing that top, I pulled a bin with leftover bits from the last 16 patch top I pieced and made a little doll quilt. I just can’t stand to let those little bits go to waste. I added borders to 2 sides to bring it up to about 23.25 x 25.5 inches.


  1. The brown quilt is pretty. The flower blocks almost look like corduroy. The doll quilt is so cute. I really like the umbrella fabric. I need to make some doll quilts for my granddaughters.

  2. Your Mom’s quit is beautiful! Those fabrics are beautiful and so effective in this simple quilt! I think I’ll get the pattern. The doll quilt is so cute and a great idea for leftovers. I hate letting them go to waste too.

  3. I love the brown and tan fabrics of your mom’s quilt. It’s different from the usual color pallets. You are so lucky you get to spend time sewing with your mom.

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