I’ve been trying to upload a video and post for about an hour and couldn’t figure out what the problem was … after some research, I realized that I was out of storage space on my WordPress.com site. Ugh! To get more storage I had to upgrade to the business plan which of course is more expensive but you know I’m addicted to blogging so I guess I have no choice.

Anyway, now that I’ve upgraded I’ll try again to upload the video. My fox visited again last night … but a while after that we had another visitor and I don’t know what it is …? Keith says it’s a wolf.

I looked it up and found this graphic but I’m not sure it helps!

I’m thinking maybe Coyote? Apparently they are present in GA – who knew? What do you think it is?


  1. Hi Sue, The critter in question looks like a coyote to me. (they roam freely through the neighborhoods and green spaces in Pacific NW cities.

  2. Looks like a coyote to me. I live in Connecticut and we lost one of our Mini Schnauzers to a coyote attack. He ran after one of them chasing it from the yard and another coyote joined in and they killed him, it was terrible. This was a few years ago, the schnauzer I have left will only go out a few feet from the deck at night even though we are with him. I guess he remembers that night.

  3. I’m thinking it might be a coyote. Right now I’m hearing of coyotes roaming our streets, and we live 11 minutes from the St. Louis Arch. How lucky you are to see all this, I hope you get to see the fox someday in the daytime.

  4. It’s hard to tell from a video or even in person. Where I live, 90% of the coyotes are crossed with wolves = coywolves. There is a lot of over lap between the different animals – while the average coyote is smaller than a wolf, there are some big coyotes and small wolves. I would be happy to see it no matter what it was!

  5. I paused the video and took a closer look. It has a thick tail and from your selection looks like a Jackal or Coyote. I’ve never seen either of these in real life, not in the UK anyway haha. The consensus seems to be Coyote so I’ll go with them. Thanks for upgrading your account so we can also see what roams through your garden 🙂

  6. Wow! You might need more footage and plenty of research. We have always lived near a forest preserve (Illinois) and have seen lots of foxes and coyotes. We were told and it has been true for us that foxes and coyotes do not occupy the same territory. The coyotes will run off the foxes, but they eventually move on and the foxes come back. Wolves, however, will coexist with foxes because they don’t compete for the same food. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Looks like a coyote but much better fed than most. Even with the coat preparing for winter it is chunky. The ones around here are rail thin with hollows in the sides. I don’t think that it is a wolf because of the head shape. Long triangle that I associate with a coyote versus blunt much squarer that I would expect from a wolf.

  8. Looks like a coyote to me. We used to see them all the time in my old inner SE neighborhood in Portland. Now I live across the river near a green space and see notices all the time of coyotes in my neighborhood.

  9. My opinion is coyote. I live in the mountain west and the wolves we have are HUGE, which coyotes are not. I did watch a documentary about the crossing of wolves and coyotes around the great lakes and areas farther east both north and south of the Canadian border. That was interesting. I think you are living way farther south than the area the documentary said that the crossbreed are living.

  10. We have a lot of coyotes here which was my first thought for yours, but my husband thinks yours is a wolf.

  11. Sorta looks like a coyote though the only ones I’ve seen in Southern California have been much scrawnier and uglier. Scary creatures!

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