Weekend hours

Mom and I are working at a slower pace on the weekend but still making progress. Mom started quilt #5 today. Another 3 yard top and I’m sure she’ll be done before I know it. I started to cut the 4th one out for her (2 of her finishes aren’t the 3 yard quilts). We also played more 5 Crowns and we’re having fun with our mini tournaments. We add scores from all the games every 3rd day and declare someone a winner. Mom won, Keith won, and I’m ahead in the tournament that ends after tomorrow’s games. This was Mom the other day when she wasn’t winning!

I come downstairs a little later with Mom here. She stays up later than Keith but to be fair he gets up before the two of us! After Keith goes to bed we sit up and talk a while until she’s ready to get settled in for the night and then I head down and crochet or bind. My pink blanket is growing.

Thanks for all the comments and opinions on my visitor the other night. The consensus seems to be coyote! Maybe the cameras will capture another visit from him. It hasn’t seemed to deter others from visiting. This is the first time we’ve seen 4 raccoons together – I love seeing this “family”. Is it me or does it seem like the fox is limping some this time?

I know these videos are one of the reasons I ran out of storage space and had to upgrade the blog but I can’t resist sharing them.


  1. You are really going to miss your mom when she goes home!! It’s amazing (and impressive) how much you two have gotten done. I do think the fox is limping.

  2. Thank for your willingness to upgrade because for me I love the videos. I used to live in an area with loads of wildlife but I moved. I do have a lot of deer still even though I live in town now.
    Definitely your fox is limping. Sure hope it is a temporary injury that will heal fast.
    Great work by your and your mom!

  3. Yeah, the poor fox is limping. Hope he feels better soon. You are sure going to miss your Mother when she goes home.

  4. Looks like a very relaxing time for all. The fox is definitely limping but many wild animals do fine with broken limbs. I will hope he is one of them.

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