Quilting together

Mom and I have missed sewing together and are making up for lost time on this trip. We have one more week before she goes home and I’m sure she will finish another top or two.

I started quilting in 2000 and hadn’t even finished my first quilt before I convinced Mom that she had to try it too — 21 years later we’re still quilting together. We’ve talked some this visit about how much we have enjoyed all the years we’ve spent making quilts together and how it’s brought us even closer.

This photo of us was taken in December 2002 and the quilt was one I made and gave to her. A rare quilt of mine with appliqué! Mom still drapes this quilt across the back of her sofa every Christmas.

I’m hoping we have many more years of quilting together.


  1. i echo your sentiments…i hate being so far from my mom in the twilight of her life…each time i leave i fear it will be the last…on this most recent visit i noticed she had failed a bit since april…not quite as energetic…

  2. Your mother has not aged at all, you look the same too except for the hair color. A great set of genes.

  3. Love the great pic of you and Mom, she reminds me of my mother-in-law whom I dearly loved and miss every day, so glad y’all have this time together!
    Ps- any progress on the Beaded Lanterns quilt? I’m seriously thinking of making that my next project, gotta use some of these quietly aging jelly rolls on my shelf, ha!

  4. Wonderful time spent together! My mom made quilts – but only using squares and rectangles. She didn’t enjoy piecing “fussy” blocks plus she always tied her quilts. They were definitely in the “utility quilt” category. But she was a very talented garment sewer and preferred that. Wish I had some photos of her sewing. Or crocheting, which was something she did a lot of in later years.

  5. It’s obvious that you and mom enjoy being together and sharing your love of quilting. I also hope there are many more quilting days in the years to come.

  6. It is such a blessing that you have had this hobby to share and enjoy for so many years. And such a blessing that your mother is still able to do such a wonderful job of sewing at her age. I know you do a lot to help her along the way and you are a blessing to her as well!! Enjoy your last week together for this trip!!

  7. Wonderful for you and your Mom to share quilting together. I had my mother-in-law to share quilting and it was always lots of fun. Enjoy!

  8. Beautiful quilt! I love seeing all the quilts you and your Mom make when you spend this time together. So wonderful that you both enjoy the same hobby.

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