I wove in all the ends on this one tonight. Even though I catch the yarn ends when I’m crocheting, I like to go back and run the yarn in the opposite direction a bit to make sure it’s caught securely. This combination of stitch and yarn made a soft cozy blanket.

I only had 3 skeins of this yarn and it ended up a little wider than long but I like the stripes of colors going vertically as well as horizontally so I don’t think it matters. Typically, I prefer to have 4 skeins of this brand/type when I start a blanket and I’m not sure why I only had 3. I’m assuming that it’s because that’s all they had when I bought it but it’s been in stash for a little while and I don’t remember.

Tomorrow is the last day of Mom’s visit and we finished up our sewing today and I carted all the supplies, lights, and the machines back downstairs. Keith will fold up the tables tomorrow and then move his stuff up to his office and I’ll be back to working downstairs next week. My brother is going to meet me at the TN/VA state line on Sunday which is about half way between us and take Mom the rest of the way home. I wouldn’t mind if I had to drive the whole way myself but he’s saving me a day of travel (9 hours versus 17 or 18 hours) so I appreciate his help.


  1. Sorry the visit is coming to an end but you guys had lots of fun creating and visiting.

    Love the blanket.

  2. Seems like your mom just arrived for your quilter’s retreat. Such a nice time for the two of you together. Hope she can return again soon.

  3. Beautiful crocheted blanket, I love the colors. Safe journey home for your Mom and hopefully a long visit back soon.

  4. Very pretty blanket!! Your Mom’s visit seemed to go so fast, but you both accomplished a lot. We will miss seeing pictures of her with her beautiful quilts. Have a safe drive on Sunday!!

  5. Very nice of your brother. It was so nice that you and your mother got to spend this time together. Especially with the fear of viruses, it is hard for families to have hugging, touching contact. I hope you’ll be able to make this a regular thing.

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