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I really dislike making king size quilts and need to make two for me …. and my sister wants one too. She’s a bit picky but Mom and I have been talking about making her one if we could agree on the pattern and find fabric – she wants only 2 fabrics – a blue and a white. I spent time looking through blue and white quilt photos today and Mom and I discussed several options – only my sister didn’t really like any of the options. She DID like the idea of a LeMoyne Star quilt like my green and blue one only it has to be in two colors/two fabrics. Do you think I could convince Mom to make a zillion half square triangles?!?


  1. That is a LOT of hsts! But they could be made 8 a a time, or she could use triangle papers. I think I’d rather make the hsts than piece those blocks!

  2. Last time I needed alot hst I used strip method and a 90 degree triangle ruler to cut them. Most accurate hst i have ever made. Sounds like alot but its doable just time hungry. Good luck

  3. Would it be better to cut them, right sides together, with a Go die, then just chain piece them? Still a lot of sewing!

  4. Your LeMoyne Star quilt looks like all HSTs, but this one appears to have two different sizes of triangles. More complicated piecing?

  5. Did you show her any Irish Chain quilts? They always turn out beautiful. One of my favorites to make and very simple.

  6. You will do it with your mom since both of you are accurate stitchers who create with a plan in mind. Making the HSTs using the 8 at a time method would make eating the elephant possible but the pressing would be a bit of a chore. Still I think the goal would be doable. BTW pick something easier for your quilt.

  7. I made two king sized quilts recently but I used much simpler patterns. The thought of all those HSTs gives me an immediate headache, ha!

  8. LeMoyne Star is made with 45° diamonds, not HSTs. HSTs make a similar looking block but the star points are parallelograms rather than diamonds. That block has a different name.

    I needed 3″ LeMoyne stars for a project. I used Deb Tucker’s LeMoyne Star ruler and they came out perfectly. Takes a little more fabric for her technique but is with it. Accuquilt has a die but I haven’t used it.

  9. The original LaMoyne star pattern did Y seams. I would much rather make a hst’s. The first LaMoyne star I did without Y seams was a Stack N Wack quilt and it was a different method. No Y seams either.

  10. How about a Hunter Star quilt. I think they look similar and there is an Accuquilt die for it as well. I did one and it was very easy and most are done with only 2 colors. I have never made a king size quilt and don’t plan on it either. We have a queen size bed and I bought a cheap quilted ecru colored bedspread with shams and then put my double bed size Edyta Sitar quilt I made over that. It is in shades of blue and ecru and I think both make the bed look beautiful and saves me from needing to make even a queen sized quilt. And I have changed the quilts on top too so it’s very flexible doing it that way.

  11. omg. I don’t think I would be able to do 1 king size quilt let alone 3 and then all those small pieces. How about a postage stamp quilt in two colors, you could sew 2 jelly roll strips together and the slice then up. I am sure whatever you decide it will be gorgeous.

  12. I imagine that would be beautiful in just blue and white. But I know that I would get really bored making that many HSTs. My attention span would be severely taxed. LOL

  13. Please also keep in mind that if it is like the quilt pictured, that is going to be one HEAVY quilt with all those pieces.

  14. I made a paper- pieced wall quilt for my sister with very small pieces. (I hate paper piecing!). No comparison to this major project, of course. I said to her: “ If you should ever wonder whether or not I love you, just look at this quilt and you will know that I do!”

  15. Have you ever made Eleanor Burns double Pinwheel? She has a video online that I watched to make it. I loved making that quilt because you get two blocks made at a time. Super easy and I think it is pretty too. I later found her book on HPB site. I have since made another and someday want to make it again. The book has several sizes. If you like I will share a picture.

  16. How about doing a Hunters Star Quilt
    It is stunning in 2 colours. Look on Pinterest to see what it looks like or check tutorials on iTunes of MSQC .

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