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Wow, I got back from driving Mom to VA – 11+ hours round trip to find lots of comments on the LeMoyne Star quilt. I won’t be replying individually to them but I did read them and have some responses.

  • I make LOTS of quilts with HSTs and know there are lots of methods to make them. I use my Accuquilt GO to cut them. It’s easy.
  • This is a 12 inch block and there are only 42 of them. It’s not a big deal and if Mom doesn’t want to piece them I can.
  • The quilt won’t be too heavy – there are 3 inches of sashing between each block and 3 borders.
  • I know the original LeMoyne Star was pieced with diamonds but there are lots of “easy” HST versions that don’t involve “y” seams including the instructions I wrote several months ago after making my own based on a vintage quilt – found on my website. I did accidentally upload the one I quickly drafted last night using the block from EQ just to make sure my sister liked it before I went ahead and drafted my own HST block – I’ve uploaded the HST version (it was late and I was trying to finish up and get to bed before my long drive today)
  • We already did a bed size Hunter Star quilt for Mom 2 years ago and I have the GO die… my sister wanted something different.
  • I have no deadlines for either this quilt or the two I intend to make eventually, trust me none of them will be finished this year and I’ll be happy if two of them get done by the end of next year – there’s no pressure.


  1. I think it will be beautiful. Your designs always inspire lots of new ideas in my head.

    Since the block itself is 12″ it won’t be nearly as “fussy” as it would be if the blocks were tiny. I’ve been working on tiny blocks way too much lately, and need to work with some bigger pieces for awhile.

  2. The quilt idea you have posted will be stunning – cannot wait to see what colours you choose !!!
    For myself it would be blue and yellow , my most favourite combination !! I love doing blocks with half square triangles . Your layout is inspiring , it is Thanksgiving Monday here in Canada , vegging after too much turkey and dressing yesterday ! and checking out your blog !

  3. It’s funny how many negative comments on HSTs came about. I love them. I love the way they look. I love the way they nest (when pressed properly).

    Big quilts don’t bother me. I get in a Zen flow and simply keep on going. It’s simply 5 lap quilts in one piece instead of 5. And I moved up to a 20″ throat machine and a 12 foot frame so I can quilt them myself too! Silly me was sending out the biggest and most expensive projects for quilting…hmmmm… at 1.5-2 quilts per $1000, my Regalia could quickly cover her cost!

    I know you and your Mom will enjoy this project and best of all, doing it together makes it EXTRA special 🙂

    Happy quilting 🙂

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