A New set of Goals

I had some errands to run, got my Flu shot, and didn’t get down to the sewing room until Keith went to bed. I was all set for a quilting marathon in November but decided I’d get an early start and combine my goals for the rest of October with November’s.

  • Quilt 21 tops
  • Assemble Plus and Lantern blocks into tops (Oct Precut)
  • Make a project for November’s precut
  • Make my family exchange project
  • Keep up with binding – I don’t expect to get all 21 quilts bound but want to get as many done as possible
  • Knit some hats
  • Start a set of String blocks for 365 challenge

I made a start by loading and quilting #1 of 21 tonight. A group HeartStrings top sent to me by Sue. Pantograph is Belly Bop.

I also got the Plus blocks I pieced while Mom was here up on the design wall and ready to assemble. This is one of two tops I’ll make for our October Precut Challenge – Jelly Rolls.


  1. It is a day of bright green in my computer play. Love that quilt and the plus blocks.
    Your goals are once again lofty but I think you will meet or exceed your goals.

  2. That sounds like a great deal of long arm work but I think you will probably make your goal. I have a goal of one a week till the end of November and I don’t know if I’ll make it. Some quilts are quite large. Right now I am stockpiling my quilts and hopefully next year will pass them around the family and charities. Some tops are ones I bought at flea markets or thrift stores that are vintage. I’m still making quilts too. Just like you, I love the creative side of designing a quilt and searching for fabrics to make it. It’s what we enjoy.

  3. Amazing goals! You must a found a speedier way to load quilts than I have found. That alone would leave me behind in the dust! Does it just take practice? Or is there a tutorial that helps with efficiency (from you or someone else)?

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