I slept all day after being up all last night … and I’m sure I won’t sleep tonight either but at least I’m getting some work done. This group HeartStrings quilt sent to me by Sue to be quilted and donated is bound now – it’s #7 of my 21 to be quilted by the end of November and I’m caught up on binding.

It’s cool enough that I’ve turned on my downstairs fireplace the last couple nights while I’ve been binding and knitting. If you remember, we converted this one from an unvented gas fire to an electric one with a built in heater. It will be really nice this winter!

I’ve got a routine doctor’s appointment tomorrow afternoon, getting myself set up with a primary care physician here in North Georgia and since I’ll sleep all morning, I won’t get down to the longarm room until tomorrow night when I plan to load and quilt the next one on the list.


  1. Hope you sleep pattern works itself out. The quilt is great.

    On another note hope you and your new doctor are an immediate match.

  2. My husband worked the night shift for 44 years and still has trouble sleeping nights. You are fortunate that your house is large enough and you do not disturb your husband with your night time activities. We downsized a few years ago and there are times my hubby is bumping around doing projects that wake me up. We thought last year that his sleep pattern had finally settled down and then we both got Covid. We are both fully recovered but his sleep pattern flipped back to sleeping days and awake nights afterwards. He was sleeping almost constantly when he was sick so I am happy he is not doing that anymore I just wish he slept at night.

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