Counting Down

Just a week before we head up to celebrate Mom’s 90th birthday and this photo popped up in my Facebook memories. It’s one of my favorites from exactly 10 years ago … with Mom (we were celebrating her 80th birthday) and two of my sisters – Maureen and Ann.

I finished cutting the HSTs for my sister’s king size quilt today and I’ll take those with me to VA next week for Mom to piece the blocks. I’m moving a little slower than expected due to a significant sciatica episode. I’m hoping I can get things settled down before we have to drive 9 hours each way next weekend!


  1. I will say a prayer that your back gets better before the drive Hope your trip and celebration are wonderful.

  2. This is a beautiful picture Mary. Hope your bout of sciatica improves quickly. That could be a very uncomfortable drive if not. BTW, I really like the dino idea for a fabric stocking. I know a little guy who would be in love with it.

  3. Hope the sciatica gets calmed down, I’ve had it for several years, off and on, and it sure is painful. That little dinosaur is cute.

  4. I hope your sciatica calms down before your trip!! I had an episode a couple days before I had to take a 3 hr trip to Long Island and back to see my granddaughter’s play. I did lots of stretches during the days before and kept my seat warmer on low during the trip. Really helped!! Good luck!

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