Stocking #2

I made the second stocking today … changing a couple things. Because of the way the stocking is cut on the die I can’t do a full lining without cutting it separately… which kind of defeats the purpose in having the die. I did use two pieces of fabric for each side of the cuff and like that better than the first version although it’s a little longer … maybe too long in proportion to the stocking part so next one I might cut down a little.

These aren’t meant to be heirlooms … more just “wrapping” for a few small gifts so I’m really pleased with the results. When I make them next time, I’ll try to further “perfect” or rather improve my process.


  1. Mary… they look great. whoever gets them better be very happy. Your quilting on your second one is impressive and makes it very special.
    Our guild had a stocking cutter made special and smaller. Kits are made and we all make stockings to stuff for Christmas for different purposes.

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