Good intentions

I’d planned on loading and quilting one of Mom’s tops tonight … instead I’m sitting by the “fire” knitting. There’s plenty of time to quilt her last two tops before the end of the month and I just feel mellow tonight (maybe those 2 glasses of wine helped?).

And yes, that is an electric fire! The unvented gas (propane) logs downstairs didn’t work when we bought the house almost 2 years ago and with the kids sleeping down here I didn’t want them to have the ability to flip a light switch and have a fire. Since we had to replace the insert anyway, I had them install an electric one with a heater. It’s perfect!


  1. We just removed a Buck Stove from our living room fireplace, and my husband wants to add an electric fire. I’m not sold on that yet, though. We don’t need heat in this room, and I wonder about the power supply.

  2. Cozy! We have a fireplace in our living room but haven’t used it yet. An electric one that warms the room sounds ideal. What are you knitting?

  3. I hope you had a goodnights sleep. Perhaps it was the previous night’s sleep that has you fatigued. Wine and a warm fire sound so relaxing.

  4. Mellow is good and quilts will get done. You are in my color comfort zone with your knitting project and the fire looks so inviting.

  5. Hi Mary, That is beautiful yarn! I replaced my older Dimplex electric fireplace with a new one a year ago when I did some remodel in the den/family room. It’s a smaller room. My electric bill went sky high afterwards, and it’s a somewhat noisy fireplace to boot. So disappointed. Our old Dimplex produced much more heat, and didn’t cost as much to run. So now I have a Dyson heater sitting in front of an unused new electric fireplace. :o( The Dyson heats the room up fast, and is so quiet. I’ve purchased another for my sewing room. I can use the cool fan option in the summer. (they both have heat/cool) Question: what type of case do you have your iPad in? I’m looking for a new case that sits upright better for my follow along craft videos. The one I have keeps shifting my iPad and falling backwards. Thanks.

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